Lauren Conrad Covers 'Cosmopolitan,' Unloads Engagment Ring Details


Lauren Conrad for 'Cosmopolitan.'
Photos: Cosmpolitan

For the January 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan, Lauren Conrad put on a bunch of super pretty party dresses and dished on the details of her recent engagement to law school student and former Something Corporate rocker, William Tell. Of course, her hair looks perfect in every shot. Like, SO perfect that I'm starting to think the girl MUST be wearing a wig. Not really, but if there are wigs out there that look like LC's hair, then consider me sold.

Anyway, among the many frocks Lauren wears for her shoot are a pink and purple silk dress with a beaded bodice and a canary yellow number that she accessorizes with a pair of red and neon green open-toed heels. Yes, the color scheme might seem a bit unconventional, but Conrad's confidence (and again, really great hair) makes the whole thing look seamless.


Lauren Conrad for 'Cosmopolitan.'
Photo: Cosmpolitan

Now for the juicy deets: according to Conrad, Tell was more confident than most when it came to choosing her circle-cut diamond ring. "He didn’t even ask my friends, which was a bold move. He said, 'I know you, and I know what you like.’ And I love it. It’s perfect." D'AWWW. To Tell's credit, he ~was~ right on with the classic stunner. I mean, we've known Lauren since like, 2004, and we couldn't have done a better job ourselves.

The Hills star-turned-designer also tells Cosmo that even though it may seem like she's living a dream come true, she still deals with the same body confidence issues as the rest of us. "I’m so jealous of people who completely love their bodies," she says. "I think most women have trouble areas as well as areas that they like. So you play up your favorite parts and learn to dress around the others. I used to hate my legs, but now I always wear minis. It was an accident. In an effort to look taller, I started wearing really high heels with shorter skirts and ended up showing off my legs a lot."

Lauren's Cosmopolitan cover doesn't hit stands until December 3rd, but in the meantime you can check out more pics and read additional interview snippets over on

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