Get Ready For Thanksgiving Football With A COVERGIRL #Fanicure

Giants fans, this #fanicure is for you.
Photo: MTV

There’s a lot going on the day of Thanksgiving: there’s cooking, the parade, making small talk with your uncle, and, of course, football. Giving yourself a manicure that reps your fave team will be perfect convo fodder for the dinner table and will allow you a few minutes to escape the chaos that is preparing a turkey. With the help of COVERGIRL, and one of their nail artists, Ayana Clark, we’ve created a “fanicure” that is perfect for NY Giants fans, who won’t actually get to see their team play on Thanksgiving, but are always rooting for them.

The polishes.
Photo: MTV

You’ll need 4 polishes: Crystal Clear, Snow Storm, Sapphire Flare, and Lasting Love. If you’re unprepared in the nail polish department, a quick trip to CVS is the perfect excuse to escape the house for, like, 20 minutes of serenity.


Apply 2 coats of COVERGIRL ’Snow Storm’.
Photo: MTV

Once you’ve rid your fingers of any lingering polish, apply a coat of Crystal Clear coat, followed by 2 coats of Snow Storm. As you let the coats dry, think about how you hope the only winter wonderland you’ll be encountering on Thursday is on your nails, because, LBR, snow doesn’t help holiday travel.


Apply COVERGIRL ’Sapphire Flare.’
Photo: MTV

Once the white has dried, create a thick, round French tip with COVERGIRL’s Sapphire Flare on 8 of your fingers. Leave two—you can choose any two!—totally white.


Apply COVERGIRL ’Lasting Love.’
Photo: MTV

Then, using a thin brush, trace the blue tip with Lasting Love. This manicure includes a lot of drawing lines, and you’ve been able do to that since Kindergarten! Prepare to have the best nails at the table unless, like, your cousin is a professional manicurist or something.


Create ’NY’ letters using COVERGIRL ’Sapphire Flare.’
Photo: MTV

Then, use a thin brush to create “NY” letters on your two blank fingers using the Sapphire Flare from earlier. The pointer fingers may be easiest because they give you a big canvas, but where you draw your letters is totally up to you.


Trace the ’NY’ letters using COVERGIRL ’Lasting Love.’
Photo: MTV

The trickiest step is lining the “NY” with Lasting Love, but it’s not an exact science. No one will be looking at the quality and straightness of your line. They’ll all be too impressed by your dedication to the G-Men.

Rep your fave team at the Thanksgiving table.
Photo: MTV

Apply a Crystal Clear coat and you’re good to go! You probably shouldn’t stuff the turkey minutes after painting your nails, but give them time to dry and you’ll be ready to help out and have your Thanksgiving Day #covermoment.

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