Justin Bieber Makes Dreams Come True In Short Film For The Key

So smooth, that Bieber.
Photo: JustinBieberSomeday's YouTube

Justin Bieber released the short film for his new fragrance, The Key, this weekend—and from what we gather, once you purchase said perfume, the Biebs has full license to break and enter your room without any legal implications. Don't say we didn't warn you. Of course, if you like the idea of Justin waking you up at 3am on a Tuesday to go look at taxidermied animals and dance on a rooftop, then you're in luck. Maybe still sleep with a bat under your bed just in case, though. JK! No need to be scared. Justin Bieber will only sneak into your room to do fun things, according to his film.

Don't forget to tip your bellhop.
Photo: JustinBieberSomeday's YouTube

So, here's how it works: if you buy The Key and spritz yourself with it before bed, Bieber will show up at the hotel you live in (you DO live in a hotel, right?), snag a key from the concierge and then whisk you away to do something super romantic. Justin greets the first girl wearing a blazer, a plain white tee and two gold chains, one of which ~also~ has a key on it. Swaggy. They run through a museum and dance and hold hands and then it's on to the next one for Bieber Claus.

The second girl gets JB in costume, which IMHO, is infinitely more awesome: he appears at her door in a bellhop's uniform and is carrying a giant, multi-layered wedding cake, because if you love Justin Bieber, you must also love sweets (more on that later). TBH, I don't know why she gets a wedding cake, but they end up canoodling in a ball room while he plays her the piano.

The final lucky lady in Justin's short film gets to have her cake and eat it too. (Heh.) First of all, her room is COVERED in sweets: macaroons, a chocolate fountain, cakes and cupcakes and unidentifiable goodies. That's already a win, amirite? Then, the Biebs arrives, wearing the recycled swaggy outfit from his first visit, and shows her that macaroons aren't just for eating—they're for juggling, too! Who knew? They also feed each other sweets, and it actually looks like they're having a lot more fun than they did in that weird promo poster.

We won't spoil the ending of this cinematic masterpiece for you, but we WILL tell you that there's a twist and, more importantly, he's shirtless. So, there's that. Watch the video below, and let us know what you think! Would you want Justin Bieber to sneak into your room at night unannounced?


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