One Direction Match On The American Music Awards Red Carpet And Stage

One Direction on the red carpet at the 2013 AMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

Does anyone know what vitamins One Direction takes? What magical concoction gives them the ability to host a 7-hour livestream for 1D Day yesterday and then roll up to the AMA Red Carpet looking fresh, coordinated, and as cute as ever? Because HEYYY, I WANT SOME.

For their arrival, the guys stuck to a black and grey palette, but in varying forms of dressiness: Harry had on a tuxedo jacket, while Niall had on a charcoal bomber jacket. Liam, as usual, had on an inexplicable trench coat. All five guys wore tight black jeans and, unusually, Harry’s weren’t ripped at the knees! These must be his formal jeans. Louis, as always, skipped socks because having smelly feet must be his ~thing~. Zayn’s turtleneck was not out of place, despite being in L.A., because, as you may have heard, it’s 61 degrees there and all Angelenos are freaking out about the cold front. If Zayn gets too cold, Liam could lend him his coat. He always has one with him.

One Direction performing at the 2013 AMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

For their performance (and acceptance of their award for Best Pop/Rock Album), they swapped the gray for white. Zayn took a cue from Liam’s red carpet look (or he may be wearing Liam’s shirt from the step-and-repeat?) and added some patterns to the sea of solids. Liam shed the trench coat for a double-breasted blazer and tie, while Niall and Harry kept their red carpet jackets but switched their t-shirt and button-up shirt to white, respectively. Louis took Harry’s place as all-black-wearer of the group, but, of course, DIDN’T WEAR SOCKS.

While each of the guys should be allowed to spread his style wings every once in a while, coordinated looks just #WERK for them. Will they be coordinated throughout their Midnight Memories promo? Will their performance outfits for their newly announced stadium tour be similar? WILL THEY WEAR COORDINATED LOOKS AT MY WEDDING, WHEN HARRY AND I ASK THEM TO? These are all important questions.


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