Katy Perry Coordinates And Carries A Big Book On The 2013 AMAs Red Carpet


Katy Perry on the 2013 American Music Awards red carpet.
Photos: Getty Images

Katy Perry was all KINDS of coordinated for her red carpet arrival at the 2013 American Music Awards. First of all, before the show she tweeted a photo of a cherry-blossom covered microphone and then she shows up with flowers all over her dress. Granted, the flora on her dress was roses, not cherry blossoms, but HELLO! They were still flowers, OK? Then, we noticed that her voluminous Oscar de la Renta gown, which she described as "polka dotted punk rock," also coordinated with her nails (polka dot) AND her giant statement accessory (a flower-shaped ring). #impressed

Perry also made a statement with her Olympia Le-Tan clutch, which was in the shape of a pretty well-known book: the dictionary. Webster's New World dictionary, to be exact. And I mean, sure it's actually a bag, but we didn't see her open it. She could still totally have a real dictionary in there. Maybe she's researching lyrics for her next song? Or perhaps she's, like, trying to pre-write a super eloquent acceptance speech for the inevitable award(s) she'll win? We want to know what's inside that thing, regardless.


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