21 Pairs Of Pasties For Miley Cyrus' 21st Birthday

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus loves her some pasties.
Photo: @mileycyrus Instagram/Getty Images

Okay, Miley Cyrus' 21st birthday technically isn't until tomorrow, buuuut she'll need time to sort through these pasties and buy a pair. Pasties have recently become a big part of Miles' ~look~ (IRL and on Halloween), so we figured we'd collect 21 pairs for her as a gift. She doesn't have to wear all (or even any) of these pasties on her birthday, but, if she wants to, she'll have enough for every hour and still have three hours to spare—just sayin'. She has many birthday outfit choices.

There's a lot to take in, so we've divided the pasties into three categories: basic essentials, Miley-centric, and birthday specialties. Now, let's take a look so Miley has time to pick some (or all) of them up!


Miley Cyrus

Basic, yet essential, pasties for Miley's birthday.
Photo: Bristols6/UpscaleStripper/Pastease/LingerieDiva/Yandy

For both her Bangerz release party and at a performance during the iHeart Radio Music Festival, Miley wore black pasties: stars and circles, respectively. We figured we'd give Miley the option to grow her simple pasty collection since simple pasties pair best with all things sheer and mesh. Bright pasties under a mesh shirt are perfect for a casual Tuesday, so that's the vibe we were going for when we picked out these sets.

+ Rainbow Heart Pasties - $10.99

+ Red Flame Pasties - $9.99

+ Pink Hand Pasties - $9.99

+ Flower Pasties - $9.99

+ Striped Star Pasties - $21.00

+ Red Cherry Pasties - $6.95


Miley Cyrus

Miley-centric pasties for Miley's 21st birthday.
Photo: Upscale Stripper/Etsy/Yandy/LingerieDiva/Sweet Carousel/NikkiLipstick/Bristols6

After perusing pasty sites, we realized there are many Miley-centric stickers out there, so we might as well present them to her if she's looking to be just a little more Miley at all times. If her recent editorial spreads teach us anything, it's that she and colorful feathers pair perfectly: hello, pink puffy pasties. Miley, Terry Richardson, and ice cream have shared some time this year, so sequined ice cream pasties should join their ~hang outs~. Then, of course, what goes better under your unicorn onesie than unicorn pasties? NOTHING. Wearing smiley faces would show her dedication to her #SMILERS, while Mickey Mouse ears would pay homage to her roots. There are also, of course, tongue wagging pasties, which she should probably just wear under all clothes at all times.

+ Mickey Mouse Pasties - $10.00

+ Sequined Ice Cream Pasties - $45.00

+ Smiley Face Pasties - $9.99

+ Feather Pasties - $27.99

+ Tongue And Mouth Pasties - $6.00

+ Unicorn Pasties - $12.00

+ Dollar Bill Pasties - $15.00

+ Shell Pasties - $5.00

+ Sequined Rainbow Pasties - $22.00

+ Skull And Crossbones Pasties - $6.95


Miley Cyrus

Photo: LingerieDiva/Etsy/SweetCarousel/Bristols6

Finally, since it is her special day, we figured we'd include some fancy pasties, in case Miley feels like drawing may-jah attention to herself on her b-day. Obviously, since her birthday falls near Thanksgiving, we had to include these turkeys: like, you know what Miles will be wearing to the Cyrus family Thanksgiving table. We also figured we should include sequined cupcakes 'cause, y'know, BIRTHDAY.

+ Gold Sequin And Bow Pasties - $26.00

+ Sequined Cupcake Pasties - $50.00

+ Turkey Pasties - $18.75

+ Sequined Heart Pasties - $17.00

+ Tasseled Star Pasties - $21.99

If you're looking to celebrate with Miley on her big day, tune into MTV tomorrow at 12 ET for "21 Candles: Miley's MTV Moments," followed by programming chosen by Miley. All the info you need is here, so get your fave pair of pasties ready and settle in for Miley mania.

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