Food Friday: Get Rita Ora's Jelly Bean Socks!


Sweets on yo' feet!
Photo: @ritaora's Instagram/Shop Jeen

When was the last time you wanted something to be both on your feet and in your belly at the same time? Probably never. Or, if you've been keeping up with our Food Friday franchise, perhaps you felt such a simultaneous urge less than a month ago when we featured the EXACT SAME pair of jelly bean socks that Rita Ora has been snapping multiple (OK, two) photos of today. While we recommended that you wear these Shop Jeen socks to keep your feet warm in the winter, it looks like Ora (according to one caption) might be wearing the colorful candy snack to snazz up her gym attire. Nothing keeps you motivated like sugar on your feet! (And also things like determination and water.)

You know what the best thing about these jelly bean socks is? Well, there's actually two best things: 1. They are only $6.00. and 2.) You can look down at your feet and know that you look EXACTLY like Rita Ora does in her Instagram photos. We're not talking an uncanny resemblance or similar characteristics. We mean identical. Seriously, if you've ever wanted to look like a celebrity without the aid of plastic surgery, this is your chance. (Just don't look in the mirror.)

Trend forecasters, fashion psychics, style sages—call us what you will. One thing's for sure: we know food-themed clothing.

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