Eminem Is Suited Up In The 'Rap God' Teaser


A still from Eminem's 'Rap God' video.
Photo: Interscope Records

Eminem's "Rap God" video is on its way! Em released a teaser for the video and he's wearing...a suit? Like, I think the last time Eminem wore a suit was in the "Without Me" video when he was playing a game show host? Dude doesn't wear suits, so we're going to cherish seeing him in a jacket, even if it is extremely shiny. His sunglasses are likely in place to shield his eyes from the sheen coming off that suit.

The colorful background and choppy movements seem to be, as Complex pointed out, channeling the 1980s TV character, Max Headroom. The video emphasizes just how bleached Em's hair is once again (for the first time since 2009!): his skin tone and hair color are basically the same. The bleached hair and the use of a character are giving us total Slim Shady-era, "My Name Is" video vibes.

While "Berzerk" was lighter (color-wise and contextually) than most of his recent music videos, this teaser gives us hope that the six minutes of "Rap God" will be even lighter, filled with '80s references and Em doing his best impressions, Shady-style.


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