Fashion Fanfic: That Time Anna Wintour And Grace Coddington Went To Yeezus In Brooklyn

Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington

Memories made in the coldest Wintour.
Photo: Getty Images/@virgilabloh's Instagram Photoshop: Gaby Wilson

Celebrities being friends with other celebrities is nothing new. Look at Rihanna and Katy Perry. Or Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora. Or Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Or Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow. BFF matches made in star-studded heaven. Welp, it may be time to officially add another set of famous friends to that list: Kanye West and Anna Wintour. It seems their relationship is more than that one dinner date Ye keeps rapping about or that infamous baby name consult: Anna actually hauled her cookies (and Grace Coddington) to Brooklyn for the first New York stop of the Yeezus tour. We know very little about the fashion event outside of some blurry Instagram photos, which makes it PERFECT material for—you guessed it—the latest installment of Fashion Fanfic.

"Anna, couldn't we have waited until Saturday when he comes to Madison Square Garden? It's so much closer to work and home than... Brooklyn," Grace said while idly staring out the window of their town car at the traffic surrounding the Barclays Center.

"Absolutely not," Anna replied tersely while pushing up her slinking over-sized sunglasses (even though it was almost 7 p.m. and, y'know, dark out). "This is his first solo tour show in New York in five years. This is a historical event, and we must be in attendance."

"Fair enough," Grace said reluctantly. She knew that there was no way to end a Kanye-related argument with Anna gracefully now that she had influenced the naming of his first-born child. Plus, she was already having an irritating enough day with the release of the "Bound 2" music video earlier that morning. This was not a battle worth picking. "At any rate, I'm elated to be that much closer to seeing the show first-hand. Do you know how that mountain is going to work?"

"What do you mean, 'How is it going to work?' It's a mountain. It's his set," Anna felt a little bad about her apparent frustration. But only a little.

"Yes, but haven't you seen the photos from the tour's L.A. kick-off?" Grace explained. "It looks like a portion of the stage must rise just out of reach of the audience at some point!"

"I'm really not sure. I've been avoiding as much of the specifics as possible so as not to spoil the show for myself," Anna said turning toward Grace as if to warn her against revealing too much unsolicited information.

"We're here, Miss Anna," the driver chimed in. "I'll come around to let you both out."

Anna and Grace were met at the private back entrance by a member of the Barclays Center security team and immediately ushered into the building. "I did have a first pass at the wardrobe, though. Martin asked for my opinion on these new masks months ago. That gold, bejeweled one is stunning, don't you agree?" Anna asked, the air in the venue was too electric for her to stay grumpy.

"Oh, completely," Grace affirmed, trying not to cringe at the fact that Anna had just referred to Maison Margiela by only his (relatively generic) first name.

The Vogue duo were swiftly escorted to the VIP seating platform at the back center of the arena where Grace realized they actually weren't as late as she had thought. In fact, the pair even made it to their seats with time to spare before opener Kendrick Lamar's set. Grace took this opportunity to check Twitter.

"Ahhhh, I forgot that we're missing the David Blaine special!!" she exclaimed, eyes glued to her feed, desperately trying to squeeze enough service out of the shared Barclays WiFi to buffer a clip of a card trick performed on Harrison Ford with some sort of citrus fruit. Met with silence (aside from the blaring DJ set and the constant buzz of several hundred simultaneous conversations happening throughout the rest of the arena), Grace looked up from her phone to see Anna peering at her in disbelief from over the top of her shades. And just as Grace parted her lips to start apologizing, Anna let out a genuine (albeit slightly maniacal) laugh.

"Only kidding!" she said. "I have the DVR set to record it while we're away!"

Just then, a line of raven-haired, bronze-skinned, black-clad figures started making their collective way toward the VIP area.

"Oh dear," Grace muttered under her breath, then started to rise from her seat.

"What do you think you're doing?" Anna darted at her.

"Don't you want to switch seats with me?" Grace asked, glancing over at the row of empty seats next to them that were guaranteed to be filled with... Kardashians in just moments.

"No, no," Anna said cooly, fluffing the immaculate white fur collar of her coat and stepping aside to let Kim and Kris Jenner pass. She mustered up just enough energy to bare her teeth in a shape that might resemble a smile, but if anyone could see her eyes through her sunglasses, they'd know that the gesture was fake.

After the Dash clan had all filed in, Anna turned to Grace. "Keep your friends close, my dear," she explained with a wink, and the house lights came down.

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