Ke$ha Talks Inspiration For Kesha Rose By Charles Albert, Leaves Out Penis Jewelry

Kesha Rose rings by Ke$ha x Charles Albert
Photo: Kesha Rose by Charles Albert’s Facebook page

Ke$ha’s jewelry collaboration, Kesha Rose by Charles Albert, has been on shelves for a few months now. Any Animal will tell you that it’s totally weird, which is both a compliment and a testament to Ke$ha’s ability to translate her ~unique~ style sensibilities to an entire line of accessories. The pieces are broken up into mini-collections and are stacked with stunning stones, spikes, blue roses (her signature symbol) and penises. Yup, penises. Big, small, on rings, earrings and a necklace, the cartoonish male genitalia is undoubtedly the most *achem* recognizable item in the bunch.

Where are the penises?!
Photo: Kesha Rose by Charles Albert’s Facebook page

So, when Ke$ha recently posted a video giving some insight into the design of the collection, we couldn’t help but notice that the penis baubles were M.I.A. The stone statement rings got the majority of her focus. Ke$ha made sure to point out that they can “totally glam up” a t-shirt and jeans “in 5 seconds,” and sure, that may be true, but a penis ring can add a level of hilarity (or discomfort, depending on who you hang out with) to your outfit in NO TIME. 0-second transformation > 5-second transformation. How could she neglect to drop that crucial stat?

We’re thinking that maybe she wanted to focus on the softer sentiments behind the collection—like how the tooth charm necklace is molded from a fan’s IRL tooth, or why she chose the blue rose as her signature symbol. “Because my mom’s name is Rosemary, her mom’s name is Rose, my middle name is Rose and then my brother, my brother’s middle name is Blue.” AWW. OK, that’s pretty sweet. Also, super convenient that her family’s names translate into a really pretty modified noun.


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