Solange Art Directs 'It' Girls For Exclusive Puma Campaign


Solange celebrates the release of 'Saint Heron' wearing teal Pumas.
Photo: Getty Images

Today in “duh” news, Puma rolled out a new ad campaign featuring four budding “It” girls who were all hand-picked and art directed by singer/eBay curator/Queen of Mixed Prints, Solange Knowles. OK, so her role in the campaign isn’t ~exactly~ what we imagined, but we’ve had a sinking suspicion for a while now that Solange proooobably had something in the works with the increasingly stylish shoe brand. (We just thought it’d be more along the lines of, like, being the face, err, foot of the ad, or perhaps designing some special edition print-heavy kicks.)


A still from "Lovers In The Parking Lot," shot by Michael Craft for Puma.
Photo: Michael Craft/Saint Records' Tumblr

Waaay back in January, Puma tweeted that they’d be joining Solange on the road in Europe as her newest “groupie.” They shared intimate pics of her shows, her travels and her uh-may-zing clothes, but we kind of shrugged, figuring it was a one-off sponsored feature. Our ears perked up again in September, when Solange posted a series of stills from her “Lovers In The Parking Lot” video, shot “by Michael Craft for Puma.” In the video, Sol danced around an empty mall in Houston wearing, among many other enviable things, a pair of yellow Pumas with glow-in-the-dark laces. Finally, earlier this month, Solange geared up for the release of her new label's multi-artist compilation album, Saint Heron, at an event with Puma wearing—you guessed it—Pumas. (Really great teal ones, at that.) Obviously, we were all like, "OK. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? AND ARE THOSE SHOES AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE?"

Turns out she's art directing for the brand and was tasked with picking out four fashion-forward ladies to model a few new Puma kicks. The ad is colorful, covered in prints and totally true to Solange's eclectic style. The women, which include one of her back-up singers, a jewelry designer, a personal stylist and an entrepreneur, also shared their thoughts on shopping, trends and ultimate style icons. You can check out her first exclusive ad over on, but we're still keeping our fingers crossed for some Solange-designed shoes. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

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