What Will Katy Perry Wear On Her 2014 Prismatic World Tour?


Katy Perry gets prismatic.
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Yesterday, Katy Perry announced via Twitter that she'll be spanning the globe in 2014 to support her new album, Prism, on the Prismatic World Tour (which kicks off in London in May). Obviously, our response was: MEOW! Also, YAY! The release of Perry's fourth studio album has ushered in a new era of style for the chameleonic singer, who's long been a courageous pioneer of rainbow-colored hair and exaggerated sartorial statements.

Since she first started promoting Prism a few months ago, Katy's typically been rotating three thematic looks: 1.) Tiger Style—which reflects "Roar," her first single off the new album and has been worn for several live performances of the song 2.) '90s Schoolgirl Steez—which is trending HARD right now and is usually rocked during non-performance appearances and 3.) "Perfectly Prismatic," the most literal interpretation of her album title—iridescent, mirrored, a Lisa Frank visual spectacular. So which look will she choose to sport on tour?


Katy Perry on her California Dreams Tour in 2011.
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My money's on "Perfectly Prismatic," à la her COVERGIRL shoot and the shiny, rainbow-reflective garments she's been rocking for her most recent performances and highly publicized promotional appearances. Here's why: leading up to her last tour, The California Dreams Tour in 2011, Katy's candy shtick was scattered. There were bikinis and beaches galore, but it wasn't until the video for "California Gurls" was released that she started popping up all over the place with lollipops and cotton candy and sweets-spinning bras. But once she found her ~thing~, she stuck with it, taking it to the next level on her tour with candy-coated dresses, bodysuits and a Hershey Kisses bra-top bustier.

Sadly, that Katy Perry is dead and gone. R.I.P. I mean, hello, we brought a fruit basket to the funeral. JK! But we did watch her bury her lollipop bra while eating fruit and/or maybe french fries. It was sad. And then we moved on. And part of moving on involves accepting a new reality: holographic prism wear.

While her Tiger Style and '90s Schoolgirl Steez have translated well to the particular lyrics of "Roar" and the melodic style of "Walking On Air," respectively, those are track-specific outfits and not the kind of unifying theme Katy's likely looking to infuse into a tour wardrobe. For the most part, Perry's been wearing holographic garments to represent the debut of other songs on the album. Remember that EMA performance of "Unconditionally?" It was pretty much made for an arena (slash was actually made for an arena). Regardless, we wouldn't be surprised if the May Pole reappears on her new world tour—bigger and better than ever. But also, with like, dancing rainbows and more mirrored bras and stuff.

Be sure to keep an eye on Katy's next big style statement during the exclusive premiere of her "Unconditionally" music video tonight during MTV First, at 7:53 pm on MTV and MTV.com.

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