'Seventeen' Totally Recycled This One Direction Cover Photo

One Direction

One Direction on the cover of 'Seventeen' Magazine.
Photo: 'Seventeen' Magazine

When we heard One Direction would be on the cover of Seventeen Magazine's December/January issue, we were, obviously, excited for new photos to adorn our bedroom walls with/glue onto a body pillow to sleep next to. But then, we saw the cover and were like: hold up, Harry's hair hasn't had that beautiful swoosh in, like, almost a year. Liam and Zayn haven't been this clean shaven for months! Do these five guys have Benjamin Button syndrome or what? Then, after racking through our encyclopedic knowledge of all 1D photo shoots in the history of the world, we realized we'd seen this photo before!

One Direction

One Direction's spread for 'Fabulous' Magazine.
Photo: 'Fabulous' Magazine

It was taken over a year ago for Fabulous Magazine! 2012 was a different time: Zayn still had the blonde streak in the front of his hair (it was photoshopped out for Seventeen) and Niall had braces. Their outfits were still coordinated and Harry wore pants without torn knees. Louis' forearm was a blank canvas, just itching to be covered in a tic-tac-toe tattoo. Their second album, Take Me Home, hadn't even come out yet and now we're a week away from Midnight Memories, their third album!

One Direction is obviously very busy, but hello, Seventeen, you can't release an old photo on Directioners and expect them not to notice! They're capable of finding the whereabouts of the group everywhere they go (#internet), so, yeah, they're gonna realize the members mysteriously look like little babies (a year in teenager time is 10 years in adult time). It is kinda nice to see the shot in color though...

The issue hits newsstands on November 26 and is promised to include exclusive photos, so we're hopeful that we will get some new 1D wall art, after all.

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