Demi Lovato Literally Glows In ‘Neon Lights’ Preview

Demi Lovato in her video for ’Neon Lights.’
Photo: @ddlovato’s Twitter

When Demi Lovato debuted the cover art for her new single, “Neon Lights,” last week, we were all like, “OOOH” and “AHHH” and “where can we score some glow-in-the-dark nail polish?” Lovato stripped down and submerged herself in water for the beautifully illuminated first shot, and now we’re learning that there’s a lot more where that came from, thanks to a few sneak peek screen grabs from the song’s soon-to-be-released music video.

In honor of passing the 20-million follower mark on Twitter (*throws confetti*), Demi shared several pics from the rain-drenched shoot and OMG HER HAIR GLOWS, TOO. (Wait, is that why she dyed it neon blue or was the black light-friendly tint just a happy bonus? Hmm.) But that’s not all that glows! Demi gets decked out in all KINDS of neon makeup: nail polish, lipstick, super thick cat-eye liner. SO FUN. We can haz, plz?

Photo: Illamasqua/Sephora/Beauty Bar

Actually, yes! We CAN haz. After a quick consultation with our secret weapon glow-in-the-dark beauty product specialist (a.k.a.: the internet), we were able to round up a few items to help you give off a little extra light in the dark. And we’re not talking like, a shimmery bronzer. We’re talking nail polish, lipstick and eyeshadow that glow for RULL, just like Demi!

1. Eye Shadow: Illamasqua Paranormal Palette ($55.17)
2. Nail Polish: Ciate Corrupted Nails Manicure Set ($25.00)
3. Lipstick: Stila Cosmetics After Glow Lip Color in Tangerine Dream ($18.00)

Demi Lovato in her video for ’Neon Lights.’
Photo: @ddlovato’s Twitter

We also get to peep one of Demi’s costumes in the sneak peek pics, which appears to be R-rated, but is actually just an optical illusion/totally SFW. So sneaky, that Demi. Upon further inspection (and also according to her photo captions), Lovato is wearing a skin-tight catsuit to perform all those bendy yoga moves in her video. And can we just say, DANG GIRL. We can’t wait until the full video drops, but in the meantime, we’ll probably be staring at our new neon makeup under the blacklights in a dark, sweaty clurb.

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