Food Friday: Say Cheese

Check out this cheese.
Photo: SportsCheeses/FashionTheBox/Archie McPhee/ModCloth/Etsy/Society6

Adding cheese to anything makes it instantly better. Okay, maybe, not like, candy or bananas, but many foods are improved immensely with just a little sprinkle of cheese. Or globs of it. Totally up to you. In honor of how good cheese is/the number of people in that past month I’ve heard say, “I’d totally be a vegan but I can’t live without cheese,” we’ve rounded up the cheese clothing and accessories out there for Food Friday. Here you go, wannabe vegans, instead of just talking about how much you love cheese, wear your fondness!

Swiss cheese earrings.
Photo: ModCloth

Okay, so Swiss cheese isn’t a good dinner party cheese, but it does look cute miniaturized on earrings. These little wedges of the holey stuff look so real you better hope a mouse doesn’t find your ear. You better hope a mouse doesn’t find you, in general, but when you’re wearing these bad boys, you’ll be a target.

Grilled cheese necklace.
Photo: Etsy

Those earrings would pair perfectly with this grilled cheese necklace, which also looks SO REAL. Look how that cheese is melted. Look how beautifully that bread is toasted. That is the perfect grilled cheese, which is too bad because it is fake and very small. While a mouse may bother you for those earrings, you’re gonna have humans bothering you for this necklace.

Cheese tank.
Photo: FashionTheBox

Simple, monochromatic, gets the point across. You’ll know longer have to specify that you want a cheeseburger at restaurants: the waiter will just know.

Mac & Cheese bandages.
Photo: Archie McPhee

One of cheeses great purposes in life is to be united with pasta. Enter: these macaroni and cheese bandages which will cover any wound you may sustain (disclaimer: must be a small wound), and serve as a constant reminder for the perfect lunch/dinner/snack/breakfast (IDK your life).

Say cheese iPhone case.
Photo: Society6

This phone is very instructive: it displays a wedge of cheese in between a set of quotation marks. “Say cheese.” GET IT? You can point to it when people ask you to hold a mini photo shoot for their Instagram. If they don’t follow your lead, that’s on them.

Briebock t-shirt.
Photo: SportsCheeses

The final item in our cheese roundup is this t-shirt that blends cheese and #SPORTZ. The SportsCheese store has other label/cheese combos, if Reebok or brie aren’t your ~things~. If brie isn’t your thing, though…you need to update your list of things.

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