Space Jam ‘Stan Swag’: Believe You Can Fly In This Throwback Gear

Space Jam Stan Swag.
Photo: Etsy/eBay/Crave Us Luv Us/Vintage Cop Shop

If you’re an at all vocal fan of Space Jam—even now, 17 years after its initial release—chances are good that at least five of your friends have sent you the 30 for 30 parody that started making the interweb rounds early this week (after you already found it yourself because you maaaayyyy or may not have a Google Alert for the movie). You’ve loved it forever and stop everything to watch when it plays on HBO Family (even though you own it on VHS and DVD. The sudden thrust of the beloved 1996 live-action/animated film starring legendary Michael Jordan with a cast of Looney Tunes characters (and Bill Murray) comes as a combined result of RAMPANT ’90s nostalgia and the fact that the anniversary of Space Jam’s release is today. We’re celebrating the best way we know how: Jock Jams, R. Kelly, and SHOPPING!

Photo: eBay

A Tune Squad jersey is vital for every Space Jam fan. Obviously, the Jordan and Bugs Bunny ones are cool because they’re the stars, but we have soft spot for this Taz jersey ($27.73) because his number is an exclamation point.

Photo: Etsy

On the other hand, if you’re into exploring your dark side (you’re the kid who’d root for Sid instead of Andy), you could pick up a Monstars jersey ($29.99) and get booed everywhere you go!

Photo: Etsy

Replicas are fun, but there’s nothing quite like getting your hands on the real deal product that was sold during Space Jam’s heyday. There’s actually a ton of it available on eBay and Etsy if you look hard enough. We’re partial to this vintage Nike tee ($45.00) featuring MJ and Bugs in a front-to-back design reading “What’s Up, Jock?”

Photo: Crown The Queens

Ahhh, Lola Bunny. Talk about a bad b****. She was a brand new character, introduced just for Space Jam, and aside from MJ of course, she was the best athlete on the Tune Squad. You’re gonna have to fight us on this one because we want all of these crewneck sweatshirts ($55.00). Ready, set, GO!

Photo: Vintage Cop Shop

Vintage novelty plush toys (that aren’t mangled by the love of a child) are hard to come by outside of the claw crane arcade games of America. So, when we saw this pristine Bugs Bunny joint (for just $10.00!) we knew we had to share.

Photo: Crave Us Luv Us

You always need new socks. Always. Make ’em ones printed with the Space Jam movie poster ($34.99)!

Photo: eBay

And you can wear your socks with the Air Jordan XI Retro Space Jams—dubbed as such because these are the kicks Mike wore in the movie!

Photo: GWG

If you’re interested, we also found a few not-so-obvious ways to rep Space Jam, like this tank top ($25.00) printed with MJ’s likeness and the words “space” and “jam” interspersed throughout.

Photo: Society 6

And keeping the tie extra on the low, there’s this pillow ($20.00) with a spacesuit-clad astronaut in jumpman pose, dunking the moon. Very subtle option for the adult Space Jam Stan.

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