Katy Perry Rocks ‘Roar’-Inspired Nails During COVERGIRL Instagram Takeover

Katy Perry on set at her COVERGIRL shoot.
Photo: @covergirl’s Instagram

Now that Katy Perry is the newest face of COVERGIRL, she’s got some business to attend to. We imagine that includes things like experimenting with different shades of eye shadow, creating some sort of prismatic lip-illusion and just generally looking really pretty. Man, life as a COVERGIRL sounds hard, right? *sigh* But before she gets down to the nitty-gritty, Katy decided to have some fun by taking over the cosmetics giant’s Instagram account earlier today and only snapping photos of cats. JK! But that would have been hilarious.

Katy Perry’s tiger-striped nails.
Photo: @covergirl’s Instagram

In one shot from her posting-spree (which took place on the set of her campaign shoot BTW), Katy took a close-up of her “ROARIN’” nail art (her pun, not mine), which was designed with black tiger stripes over ombre shades of red, orange, and white. They’re awesome, no doubt—but incredible details like that are pretty much to be expected, coming from the girl who dressed her entire crew in matching tiger print Kenzo. We also get a glimpse of the wardrobe rack that was available on-set, which included a TON of shiny garment options that we would like to have, please (i.e. that oil slick mini skirt). “Ooh, this wardrobe is prismatic perfect!” she wrote.

Katy Perry in vintage Alaia at her COVERGIRL shoot.
Photo: @covergirl’s Instagram

Finally, Perry also shared a shady shot (shady as in like, it’s in the shade) where we see her in a (leopard print?) vintage Alaia midi-dress and spiked hair. Do we think this is an outttake or something they’re saving for later?! Either way, we’d loved it if COVERGIRL could shed some light (heh) on that. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Still need more Katy? You can check out all the pics from Katy’s takeover on COVERGIRL’s Instagram, peep an exclusive first look of her new music video for “Unconditionally” below, AND stay up-to-date on her every #covermoment at covermoment.com!


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