Mariah Carey Trades In Her Sling Collection In For Glamorous Gloves

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, gloves, and fan on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.
Photo: Getty Images

Last summer, Mariah Carey's accessory of choice necessity was an arm sling for her dislocated shoulder. She had many glamorous sling options, including a feathered one, a lace one, and a rhinestone-encrusted one. Now that she's largely healed, Mariah seems to have traded in one arm accessory for another: gloves.

Mariah appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to promote her new single, "The Art Of Letting Go," sporting lace and leather driving gloves. While the slings are no longer necessary, Mimi still has nerve damage in her right hand, which is why she's been wearing gloves. She reveals that she likes them, though, and is willing to give them "a moment." Glove makers, prepare yourselves for a rush of feathered glove orders. Have rhinestones on standby, too.

Mariah also has a hand painted dragon fan with her on set, which her makeup artist, Chris Buckle gave to her (or designed? Mimi isn't entirely clear). Despite the personal connection, Mariah is rather quick to give up the fan, in case it doesn't work with her new perma-glove look. She then poses behind and flutters the fan as she explains she brought it, "in case she felt any bad angles coming on." Isn't that why we all carry fans with us 24/7? I've never used a fan for the weak stream of air it provides, only to hide my bad side. Mimi: she's just like us.


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