How To Cop A Chain Belt Like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, And Rihanna


Katy, Miley and Nicki rock Chanel chain belts.
Photos: Getty/@nickiminaj Instagram

Most people buy belts to help hold up their pants up or cinch their waist in an over-sized outfit. Celebrities, however, are not most people. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna (see below) have all recently been spotted wearing Chanel chain belts that definitely serve the purpose of #FASHUN over function. I mean, the way these dangling designer links are typically worn—slung low, multi-layered and/or over already snug garments—these “belts” are actually a lot closer to like, really expensive necklaces for your hips.

Of course, no matter how you categorize this particular accessory, it will consistently portrait luxury. A seemingly average outfit is instantly upgraded by the addition of a draped, chain belt and if you happen to have one with those iconic double-c's, well, feel free to flip your hair. (Politely, of course.)


Rihanna wears multiple Chanel chains in her video for 'Pour It Up.'
Photo: @badgalriri Instagram

For her two performances at the 2013 MTV EMA, Miley wore a long-sleeved white bodysuit and sky-high platforms to sing "Wrecking Ball," and despite the relative conservatism of the whole thing, she did give us something to gawk at: this single-strand gold Chanel belt. Because "white trash and Chanel."

Also at the 2013 MTV EMA, Katy Perry chose a black, fishnet dress with simple black shoes that suddenly went from goth to glam when she decided to wrap a vintage Chanel chain belt around her waist. But wait, actually, it's not just glam—it's #gothglam! Which is the ying to BFF Rihanna's #ghettogoth yang, obviously.

Nicki Minaj tackled not one, but TWO trends by wearing her dangling Chanel belt with a blazer sans shirt. (Not wearing a shirt is the second trend here, in case you missed the memo.) And finally, we can't forget about Rihanna, who all but swiped our credit cards when she wore this multi-chain double-harness Chanel belt in her video for "Pour It Up." (She also happens to be a proponent of the shirtless trend, BTW.)

With the trend gaining this much momentum, naturally, we tried to track one down on our own. The trick is: they're pretty elusive. Very few retailers are even stocking knock-offs at the moment. (Which, duh, makes them even more luxe.) You can find a few cheap alternatives over at ASOS, but if you wanna get really real with it, eBay has a solid collection of what ~appears~ to be the truth. (Definitely still do your homework on their authenticity though, unless you want to be out approx. $400 for a fake.) Still not satisfied? As long as you don't mind spending like, a bajillion dollars on a single accessory, you can shop for one-of-a-kind Chanel chain belts at Depuis 1924 International—a purveyor of authentic vintage designer pieces and the exact same place Miley and Rihanna snagged theirs. Are you into the chain belt trend? How would you wear yours?

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