All 10 Of Lady Gaga’s artRave Outfits (Including The Flying Dress!)

Lady Gaga gets ready to take flight.
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On the eve of ARTPOP, Lady Gaga wore ten different outfits to debut her flying dress in Brooklyn last night—and LBR: that HAS to be some sort of record. Even for Gaga, a woman who seemingly changes clothes every time she exits a building, ten different outfits over the course of several hours, for just one event, is pretty impressive. I mean, hello! That is, like, almost as many costume changes as she had in the music video for “Applause” alone, and that wasn’t even live.

The multi-platform artRave event, which included a gallery tour with a 100-inch replica of Jeff Koons’ Gaga sculpture, an 8-song performance, and a full demonstration of that much-hyped flying dress, celebrated creativity and Lady Gaga’s keen ability to overpack. JK! It was all about the creativity. But seriously, let’s talk about all those outfits.

Gaga loves her 9-inch heels.
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These 9-inch platform boots are by now a widely accepted Gaga staple, and as much as she wears them, maybe they’re actually kind of comfortable? OK, probably not, but she wears them all the time. For her arrival, Gagaloo wore a gown mixing sheer panels and abstract shapes with patent latex dripping from her right shoulder down to the hem of the garment. There’s also a matching headpiece. IMHO, she looks like she was covered in tar and it happened to stick in a really pretty way. Gaga changed into the second look—a floor-length coat/dress with blocks of bronze reptilian textures and strong, structured shoulders—to unveil her giant Koons statue. She traded the stark-white wig for her naturally dark ’do and put off some seriously stylish steampunk vibes with gold, multi-lensed glasses.

Terrifying/less terrifying.
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CANNOT UNSEE. Gaga wore this water wing-covered white leotard to open her performance and that vaguely Jack in the Box-ish mask is the stuff of nightmares. Thankfully, she only wore it for two songs before stripping the look down and letting us focus on how awesome* those sparkly knee-high boots are.

Back in black.
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In obvious contrast to her first two outfits, Gagaloo performed the rest of her set in all-black ensembles, including this spaghetti-strap tank + leggings bodysuit, which is basically like, the official costume of performance artists (e.g. mimes, interpretive dancers, etc.). She also wore a two-piece black dress with a hard-bodied structured top and the most magnificent boa/veil-hybrid I have ever laid my eyes on. It’s, like, a glorious mane of fake feathers, and it is fabulous (also, detachable).

Ready for blast off.
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Finally, for the debut of her airborne dress (which basically looks like a mannequin on a hovercraft), Mother Monster went full-on space chic in a legit-looking white jumpsuit that we can only assume she will re-wear when she performs in ~actual~ space. Under her jumpsuit, Gaga wore an outfit comprised of tights, a black leotard and a semi-sheer bomber jacket with some knee-high white boots that were almost identical to the pair she wore to perform (except these weren’t sparkly because flying is serious business).

Be sure to visit our friends at MTV News for all the deets on the design process for Gaga’s flying dress, and let us know which outfit you liked the best!

*So awesome.

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