Lady Gaga Looks Heavy-Headed With Grey Dreadlocks For Attitude' Magazine


Lady Gaga for 'Attitude' magazine.
Photo: 'Attitude'

For the December cover of Attitude magazine, Lady Gaga dyed her hair grey, refused to wash it for three weeks and repeatedly rubbed her strands with beeswax like kindling for a fire. JK! She’s wearing another wig. Quite possibly her heaviest wig yet! I mean, just look at that stack. That thing weights at least as much as a Pomeranian, if not a full-grown Corgi. Loyal Little Monsters may recognize this big ol’ heap o’ hair from a rando ARTPOP promo pic that Gaga tweeted back in September, where she was snapped sitting in a chair constructed of computer chips while wearing a burlap onesie. Naturally.

This time around, it kind of looks like Gagaloo's wearing her hair with a yellow leather Hazmat Suit or something equally spacious. Mother Monster puts an interesting twist on eyewear with a yellow-framed pair of spectacles that definitely aren't helping her see any better: one eye's all twisted up beyond recognition and the other side appears to be covered by a diamond and amethyst clip-on earring? #FASHUN, not function.

Speaking of which, is anyone else out there DYING to know what Gaga's big news with H&M is going to be? Earlier today she tweeted that a special announcement involving the international clothing giant would be coming soon and we've been racking our brains wondering what kind of product she's about to peddle to the masses. Any ideas? (Please don't be giant, hairy masks.)

You can order your own issue of Attitude magazine and read excerpts from their interview with Lady Gaga over here.

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