M.I.A. Is Furry And Fabulous For ‘V’ Magazine

M.I.A for ’V’ Magazine.
Photo: V Magazine

M.I.A. had been MIA (heh) from our lives for the past few months, but now she’s back in a big way and, frankly, we couldn’t be happier. The past couple of weeks have been filled with M.I.A. news: first came her collaboration with Versus Versace, then the release of her fourth studio album, Matangi, and now, a stunning spread in V Magazine. Each venture requires a vastly different set of skills, but luckily for M.I.A. (and us), she seems to be good at everything.

The spread was shot by Inez & Vinoodh, the same pair who shot Lady Gaga’s four V covers and spreads, and features M.I.A. in Jeremy Scott and with bangs and a choppy cut.

M.I.A. for ’V’ Magazine.
Photo: V Magazine

The fur ensemble that she wears in the spread’s opening shot is clearer in the subsequent one: it’s a short, hooded coat that has a matching pair of thigh-high boots from Jeremy’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection. The complete look is very Chewbacca, minus a furry face; plus a gorgeous M.I.A. face peeking out from behind all that hair.

The inset photo features M.I.A. in a crop top and skirt from Jeremy Scott’s Spring/Summer 2014 series. It’s pictures like these that make it sorta unbelievable that she’s a mom. Yeah, I don’t know too many moms who are featured in a crop top in V. But maybe I hang out with the wrong crowd.

You can read the interview on V’s website, or buy issue 86 when it’s released on November 14.

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