Lady Gaga Is Surprisingly Simple In Head-To-Toe Black

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga in New York
Photo: Splash News

BREAKING NEWS: Lady Gaga wore an outfit another human on planet Earth would consider wearing. That person in the photo above this text is, in fact, Stefani Germanotta, a.k.a. Lady Gaga. You may not recognize her because she's not wearing her creepy new grill, isn't holding a giant seashell above her head, and doesn't have an inexplicable claw in her hand. You can trust us, though: that's definitely her.

It was announced yesterday that Gaga would be the first person to perform in space. Don't worry, Little Monsters, the performance is scheduled for 2015, so you still have time to buy your tickets and prepare to be in zero-gravity. Surprisingly, following the announcement, Gaga didn't make an appearance in a space suit or alien mask, but rather, dressed in head-to-toe black. She even had on flats instead of the 9-inch boots she's been wearing lately. Flats are more sensible for space, I suppose.

In addition to a low-key outfit, Gaga also toned down the various wigs she's been wearing in the weeks leading up to ARTPOP's release. No Botticelli waves and no frizzy white hair: just the same blonde color and sleekness we grew accustomed to during The Fame-era LG.

Gaga also took to Twitter last night to announce that she would be opening two pop-up shops in NYC and LA (how Kanye of you, Gagaloo). She was vague about whether you'd be able to buy anything other than ARTPOP in the stores, but she did promise a costume gallery. The stores are gonna have to be pretty big to fit even some of Gaga's most memorable looks, but we can't wait to see what they include. Fingers crossed we get to see the merkin mask IRL!

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