Ke$ha Wears A Solo Cup Bra On 'My Crazy Beautiful Life'


Ke$ha in a still from 'My Crazy Beautiful Life.'
Photo: MTV

It's obvious that Ke$ha likes to have fun on tour (see: her mom in a penis costume). My Crazy Beautiful Life makes it evident just how much fun she likes to have: pranks are plentiful and last night's episode featured one that included red Solo cups, hot-pink duct tape, and tiger masks (obvs).

Ke$ha and team decided to surprise her opening act, Semi-Precious Weapons, by running onstage with nothing but strategically placed cups. For an extra precaution, Ke$ha decided to tape hers in place with hot pink duct tape, creating a halter-top, party-bra. If you squint your eyes just so, it's almost a makeshift homage to Madonna's pointy cone bra. Like, basically you have to have your eyes closed... Meow.

Aaaaaaanyway, she paired the jury-rigged top with a tiger head because, as everybody knows, those are the ironclad rules. It's too bad Halloween just ended, this would've been the perfect ~sexy~ tiger costume. Luckily, Ke$ha didn't have to take the stage alone in such a precarious outfit: her dancers joined her.


Ke$ha's backup dancers in a still from 'My Crazy Beautiful Life.'
Photo: MTV

Four of Ke$ha's backup dancers followed her lead, each using a solo Solo cup to keep themselves covered. Let's all take a moment to admire the collective 24-pack. (You're welcome.) They all also elected to wear matching tiger masks. That Ke$ha has 5 tiger masks readily available on tour says a lot about the kind of show she puts on: the best kind.

The episode isn't all cups and masks: Ke$ha also searches for a new assistant and has her show protested. Watch the full episode for yourself, below!


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