Lana Del Rey Teases 'Tropico' With A Video Clip

Lana Del rey

A still from Lana Del Rey's 'Tropico' teaser.
Photo: Lana Del Rey's YouTube Page

Lana Del Rey has been quietly teasing Tropico, her short film, for months. Today, for the first time since this summer, there was news on the project in the form of a thirteen-second clip. Prior to the clip, Lanahad only provided images: first came a very Adam and Eve-y image of her holding a snake, which revealed that Tropico existed in the first place. Then came her second Adam and Eve image, in which she sported a flower bikini and stood next to model Shaun Ross in a dark forest. The final image was Lana in a veil, kneeling on the ground, evoking the Virgin Mary. Those images were rapidly released at the end of July and in the beginning of August, and since then we've heard nada. Way to leave us hanging, LDR.

In the hazy, yet colorful clip, Lana holds up her neon green nails to her berry-colored lips and prays, repeating "Dear John, forgive us our sins." In the previously teased Virgin Mary picture, her dress and veil look white, but in the clip, her veil looks green. Her skin also looks green, though, so we're gonna assume it's from the flared lighting? A John Wayne-esque cowboy in a red shirt and brown vest then appears. Hold up: was Lana praying to John Wayne? What does she want from him? Is she ditching music and hoping for a successful movie career?

We have no idea what role John Wayne will play in this 30-minute "tale of redemption," but we're definitely intrigued. The description on the video says that Tropico will be coming soon, but Lana also told us that on July 27 so her definition of "soon" may be a bit different than ours.


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