Jennifer Lawrence Has Super Short Hair Now

Jennifer and her new ’do!
Photo: Jennifer Lawrence’s Facebook page

SCUURT! Jennifer Lawrence just casually debuted a very short pixie cut via her Facebook fan page without, like, any sort of explanation or announcement at all. GIRL. If you’re gonna go all temporary Beyonce on us like that, you have to at least give us some deets! Lawrence was snapped en route to a meet-up with her fellow Catching Fire cast mates for The Hunger Games’ Global Fan Day, and we’re really curious as to how the franchise’s loyal fans will feel about her chopping off Katniss Everdeen’s signature side-braid. I mean, she can obvi wear a wig if it hasn’t grown out by the time the next film rolls around, but seeing Katniss without her hair at an event for The Hunger Games kinda feels like pulling back the curtain on the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz, amirite? Kind of?

Jennifer Lawrence tries out Google Glass.
Photo: Jennifer Lawrence’s Facebook page

Of course, if the film’s fans are as loyal as they claim to be, perhaps they’ll be the first to welcome Jennifer’s new ‘do with open arms. She ~does~ look pretty stunning (per uzhe). And this isn’t the first time she’s taken to scissors recently: in April, Jennifer chopped several inches off her formerly long-layered mane. The result was a shaggy, shoulder-length cut that looked totally fresh and light. And TBH, we’re really feeling the mega-textured, side-swept Ellen DeGeneres-ness because let’s be real: who wouldn’t aspire to be like Ellen?! (Please all refer to exhibit A, a.k.a. her super bass.)

We’re fans. And regardless of how long (ahem) it’s here to stay (who knows if it’s an extra-masterful, lace-front wig situation?), what do you guys think? J. Law’s super short ‘do: yae or nay?

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