Miley Cyrus Shows Off New Forearm Tattoo Of Her Grandmother’s Face!

Miley’s new tattoo of her “mammie.”
Photo: @mileycyrus’ Twitter

Miley! What would your grandmother say?! (In this case, probably something along the lines of, “Well, isn’t that swell.”) Last night, Miley Cyrus called on good pal and celebrity tattoo artist, Kat Von D, to add another piece of ink to her ever-growing collection. Kat’s tatted Cyrus several times before, including the two crossed arrows on her elbow (which symbolize “friendship”) and a mini-rendition of a da Vinci anatomical heart that she got in February and April, respectively. This time around, Von D replicated a vintage photo of Miley’s maternal grandmother, Loretta Finley, a.k.a., “Mammie,” on her right forearm. And it’s like, really real-looking.

Miley + Mammie
Photo: @mileycyrus’ Twitter

Mammie’s been known to accompany Miley on tour from time-to-time, so it’s pretty fitting that the singer got inked with Finley’s face and announced her Bangerz tour dates less than 24 hours later! Coincidence? Probably. According to Miley, her reasoning behind the tattoo was “because I am her favorite and she is mine.” AWW-WUH!

But as touching of a tribute as Miley’s new tat is, won’t it be a little weird when she catches a glimpse of it while she’s twerking on little people or taking half-naked photos or swinging nude on inanimate objects? IDK. Maybe Mammie knows best…

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