Justin Bieber Is Releasing A Short Film For The Key, His Latest Fragrance

Justin Bieber

The poster for Justin Bieber's The Key short film.
Photo: Justin Bieber's Twitter

Up until now, the promo surrounding Justin Bieber's latest fragrance, The Key, involved silk sheets, sleeping, and a key. With the release of seemingly inexplicable The Key alarm clock app, we came to the conclusion that the entire campaign revolves around Bieber unlocking your door as you sleep and visiting you (IRL/in your dreams) and waking you up (hence the alarm clock). Today, Bieber tweeted a poster for a "short film" he's releasing for The Key. The perfume bottle and silk sheets are on the bottom half of the poster, but the top half introduces an entirely new element into the campaign: a girl who is not asleep, dreamin' of Bieber, but awake.

On the poster, Justin feeds a girl from what looks like a dog bowl, but is more likely a fondue pot. Whether it's chocolate or cheese, we'll never know. JK, they're in a room full of macarons, cotton candy, and strawberries, so it's probably chocolate. That girl must not be a Belieber, because she's sitting a foot from Justin Bieber in the flesh and, frankly, does not look very excited to be accepting food straight from his hands: she hasn't even taken a bite! Bieber is merely holding it up to her lips. The commercial for Justin's second fragrance, Girlfriend, was in the first-person perspective and gave the viewer an idea of what it'd be like to be Bieber's girlfriend. This poster for The Key gives you an idea, too—you'll sit on the floor while Bieber tries to feed you. You'll be in a dessert-filled room. You'll both look sad.

In short film is directed by Peter Glanz, who has directed commercials for Yves St. Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger. His most recent work, though, was the commercial that Bieber teased in July. Mysteriously, no full-length commercial has been released yet. Could this be a poster for a full-length commercial rather than a short film? Either way, it'll drop on November 23 on YouTube and we'll (maybe) get an idea of how a the scene on the poster plays into the Bieber-visting-you-at-night campaign we've seen thus far.

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