Rita Ora Wears Ivory Antlers On The Cover Of ‘Libération’

Rita Ora for ’Liberation.’
Photo: @ritaora’s Instagram

Rita Ora is the kind of woman who wears many, many hats (and we mean that both figuratively and literally). Figuratively, we’ve seen the British pop star moonlight as a model, a makeup designer and an all-around fashion fixture in the last few months alone. Literally, she also has an extensive, ever-growing collection of lux headgear. Like this rabbit-ear headband, for example. And this House of Holland metallic snap-back. And this ~very~ memorable, diamond-encrusted, antler-horned hat-mask hybrid, which we first spotted several weeks back—and now, has finally re-materialized on the cover of Libération.

Uncle Karl and Rita in Paris.
Photo: @ritaora’s Instagram

OK, so maybe our hunch about Ora being the new face of Chanel wasn’t ~totally~ on point (you have to admit it was a pretty solid guess, though), but now we know exactly why Rita was gallivanting around Paris with Karl Lagerfeld in that spectacular set of ivory-coated antlers. Apparently, according to Ora’s Instagram, Uncle Karl was shooting her for the cover of Libération, an alternative French daily newspaper.

And it looks like Ora was having a blast, judging by the size of her seemingly genuine smile. (We’re guessing that Cara was probably just out of shot, pulling one of her signature strange faces.) And TBH, even though her bestie wasn’t on set, getting photographed in Paris by an icon in tons of AMAZING clothes is reason enough to flash those pearly whites, amirite?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Ora won’t EVER be the face of Chanel—it just means that she’s got plenty of other projects to keep her busy until Uncle Karl comes around. Rita’s Libération cover (hopefully plus more pics) hits stands on November 9th.

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