Create Your Own ‘Catching Fire’-Inspired Nail Art!

DIY District 12 nail art!
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SQUEE! It’s almost time, People of Panem. Catching Fire is only a few short weeks away! (Or 18 days, to be exact.) Soon, we’ll be announcing which district-inspired makeup look from COVERGIRL’s Capitol Collection you chose to have us recreate IRL. But in the meantime, we’re here to help you get your nail game right and start reppin’ your favorite district on your fingers.

With the help of COVERGIRL, we’ve created our own version of their Capitol Collection nail art designs by combining similar color schemes with the line’s decorative stickers. This first tutorial is for District 12 (Mining), but we’ll also be rolling out our interpretations of a few other districts’ designs over the next few days, exclusively on

The polishes.
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OK, so here’s all the polishes you’ll ever need. JK! You’re definitely going to need more polishes later in life (and by later in life, we mean later this week when we show you more tutorials on—but for now, this is plenty. To achieve your District 12-inspired look, pick up COVERGIRL’s Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Black Diamond #325, the Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Bronze Beauty #235 and the Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstini in Black Heat #640.

The stickers.
Photo: MTV

You’ll also need a pack of COVERGIRL’s Seared Bronze Nail Stickers from the Capitol Collection, some gold spiked studs, a little bit of super glue and your favorite nail art pens in black, white, gold and silver (or nail polishes in those same colors, if you have a RULL steady hand).

STEPS 1, 2 AND 3

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Each of these initial three steps will have you applying your main polish coats before you start designing. First, apply two coats of Black Diamond #325 to all of your nails except for the left ring finger. Next, apply one coat of Black Heat #640 over Black Diamond #325 on the middle and pinky fingers for both hands. Finally, apply two coats of Bronze Beauty #325 only to your left ring finger.


Photo: MTV

Using super glue, apply spikes to your right ring finger and left middle finger. (We did five spikes on the right hand and three spikes on the left hand.) Firmly press down on each spike and hold down until glue dries.


Photo: MTV

Apply the Seared Bronze Capitol Collection nail sticker to your right pointer and left pinky fingers. Trim away excess nail sticker along the edge of nail with fingernail clippers, just like you see in the picture.


Photo: MTV

With a black nail art pen, paint four thin, wavy lines on the left ring finger (aka: the one that’s polished with Bronze Beauty).


Photo: MTV

Paint three thin lines on your left pointer finger using a white nail art pen.


Photo: MTV

With your white nail art pen still in-hand, paint the number ’12’ on your right pinky finger. We added tiny white lines around ours for some extra pizzazz.


Photo: MTV

Lastly, to get the flame-like look on the left thumb, right thumb and right middle finger, make tiny brush strokes (using white, silver and gold nail art pens) starting at the end of the nail and going up towards the middle of the nail.

Photo: MTV

And that’ll do it! Now you’re ready to go to battle. JK, you definitely don’t want to do anything strenuous that would cause these puppies to chip. Don’t forget to check later this week for more tutorials, and be sure to share ~your~ Catching Fire-inspired nail art using the hashtag #covermoment.

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