One Direction Are Coordinating Their Clothing Again

One Direction

One Direction at the Japanese premiere of 'This Is Us.'
Photo: Getty Images

While the cover of their upcoming album, Midnight Memories, made it seem like the five members of One Direction were traveling down divergent style paths, the Japanese premiere of This Is Us brought coordinated clothing back into our lives. The boys all wore pieces that are characteristic of their personal styles, but decidedly stuck to a black and red palette.

Harry wore a black tuxedo jacket with those ripped knee jeans he always wears. No, really. He only wears those pants. Thankfully, their Take Me Home tour just ended, so now Harry will have a chance to buy new pants back home in London (where the stores are full of 'em). Next to Harry was Liam, who curiously wore a black, fully buttoned, sash-tied trench coat indoors. Directioners may recall the time he wore a similar blue trench to the New York premiere of the movie, so maybe it's his premiere look? Under the coat, he appears to have on a plaid shirt, which matches one of his bandmate's accessories perfectly.

Louis, who has recently become the most casual of the group (ever since he ditched those suspenders), wore a t-shirt under a blazer and seemingly had his hair in the way he found it when he woke up. Even though Louis has departed the most from his original styling, there's one thing he can't seem to stop wearing: rolled up pants paired with sneakers and no socks. Then there's Zayn, who accessorized his entirely black ensemble with a red plaid scarf that matches the shirt Liam has on under that trench coat. Twinsies! Zayn usually sticks to simple outfits, so seeing him with an accessory is an unusual sight. CHERISH IT.

Niall must have a closet full of black varsity jackets, 'cause he's been wearing them on the reg. He wore one on the cover of Teen Vogue. He wore one to the London premiere of This Is Us. In Tokyo, he paired the coat with a black t-shirt and jeans and included a tiny sliver of red via his Air Jordans.

We gotta admit, we like seeing these five get coordinated 'cause they do it so well. Whether these premiere outfits predict a resurgence in similar looks remains to be seen, but with Midnight Memories coming out at the end of the month, we'll be seeing a lot of (hopefully coordinated) 1D.

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