Lady Gaga Hits YouTube Awards In Two ‘Dope’ Outfits

Lady Gaga at the YouTube Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Lady Gaga showed up to the first ever YouTube Music Awards in a familiar look: one similar to what she wore on her “Dope” single cover. Gaga hit the carpet in a leather shirt, her favorite 9-inch shoes, a black hat, sunglasses, and the metal-and-tooth grill she wears on the cover. The look isn’t exactly the same—on the cover she pairs the grill with a cropped coat and underwear—but it’s hard to focus on anything else when that grill has taken over her mouth. She has to keep her mouth open wider than when at the dentist. No thanks!

Lady Gaga at the YouTube Music Awards.
Photo: YouTube

Gagaloo also wore another familiar outfit (her third time repeating this look!) to perform: her DOPE NASA hat and a flannel. When she wore the hat last week, she wore those same massive heels but skipped pants. At the show, she opted for neither. Maybe next time we see her she’ll just be in the hat? We wouldn’t put it past her. Remember the merkin mask?


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