Lorde Gives Us The Lowdown On Her Style And Hair

Lorde Goes Goth

MTV's Artist To Watch this week is none other than our fave barrette-wearing singer, Lorde. When Lorde was in New York recently, we had a chance to chat with her about her fashion choices and her ah-may-zing hair.

Lorde revealed that she's really into "goth vibes" (those vibes seem to be making the rounds: Rihanna's #ghettogoth steez, anyone?), even though she says the goth community may shun her. Don't exclude the lady holding strong at #1 on the Billboard charts for the fifth week in a row, goths!


Lorde wearing her goth shoes in London.
Photo: Getty Images

She also talks about these "hideous, but awesome" sneakers she bought from Demonia—which, we're like, 99% certain she's wearing in the photo above. And if you're interested in purchasing those bad boys, you can, because we found them for you.

The Secret To Lorde's Amazing Hair

We also got the chance to ask the question that everyone wants to know: how does she get that hair? Magic? Lorde's hair maintenance can be broken down into three easy steps (all of which we're on board with, BIG time): don't wash it, use a lot of product and go crazy. Something tells us you also need to have some sort of curly texture, but we'll give the no-washing thing a go, although once every two weeks might be a liiittle much.

For live performances from when Lorde visited MTV and more deets (though none on her hair), visit her Artist To Watch page.

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