One Direction Wear Their Childhood Clothing In The Teasers For 'Story Of My Life'

One Direction

Niall Horan in the 'Story Of My Life' music video.
Photos: Niall Horan's Twitter/One Direction's YouTube Page

As all good Directioners know, One Direction's "Story Of My Life" video is dropping on Sunday. 2 days. Yep. Prepare your minds and viewing areas. In anticipation of the video, the boys have been sharing photos of themselves on set, which has been transformed to look like their respective homes. In the pic that Niall shared, he's wearing a very familiar red, white, and blue cableknit sweater jumper (I'm getting used to the lingo I'll have to use around my husband, Harry). It's one he wore as a flushed bb in Ireland! It makes an appearance in This Is Us! Missing from the present-day photo? His bride-to-be, Katy Perry!

Something tells us that between the title of the song and this repeated outfit situation, this video is going to be verrrrry nostalgic. Will they all wear clothes from their pasts? Will they try to fit into pants they wore when they were 5? They should, because most of their pants are ripped. I mean, 3 of the 5 lads (#lingo) had ripped jeans on the cover for Midnight Memories. Childhood pants may be small, but they're also fully intact.

One Direction

Zayn Malik in the 'Story Of My Life' music video.
Photos: Zayn Malik's Twitter/One Direction's YouTube Page

Zayn is the only other member of the band pictured solo, sitting on a chair in the middle of what looks like his childhood bedroom, wearing a baggy gray t-shirt and baggy jeans. He also has a beard which is not very child-like.

One Direction

Louis Tomlinson in the 'Story Of My Life' music video.
Photos: Louis Tomlinson's Twitter/One Direction's YouTube Page

Louis is wearing a red-and-black baseball shirt, a look which is quickly becoming his signature. His other signature look, obviously, is wearing shoes without socks. Here he has no shoes on, but no socks either. Old habits die hard. He also seems to be picking up style tips from Harry because his jeans are ripped. THESE BOYS NEED NEW JEANS.

One Direction

Liam Payne in the 'Story Of My Life' music video.
Photos: Liam Payne's Twitter/One Direction's YouTube Page

Liam has rounded up his entire family to stand like statues and, TBH, creep me out. Between his 3-piece black suit and silver tie and the rest of the Paynes' formal wear, I'm just getting, like, funereal adult prom vibes. Cheer up, Payne family, your son is 1/5 of one of the biggest bands on the planet!

One Direction

Harry Styles in the 'Story Of My Life' music video.
Photos: Harry Styles' Twitter/One Direction's YouTube Page

The crowning jewel in this set of photos though, is this one of Harry wearing a plushy blue robe over his fave ripped jeans holding a bowl of sausages. Weird: I'm holding a bowl of sausages right now. JK, I'm not because most people don't eat sausage from bowls! I'm holding a plate of sausages! Harry also doesn't have a fork to eat the sausages he's holding in a bowl, he only has his iPhone. Or maybe that's a TV remote control. Everything about this picture is confusing. Perhaps the entire video will reveal more. If not, I can always ask about it at our wedding.

One Direction has also released a video teaser to ~get you in the mood~ (for the video), so peep it below and get ready for Sunday!


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