Nicki Minaj And Miley Cyrus Wear This Halloween's Hottest Accessory: Pasties

Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus

This year, Halloween's hottest accessory is the pasty.
Photo: @nickiminaj's Instagram/@mileycyrus' Instagram

It's only fitting, right? If going sans shirt AND bra is a trend, you have to find some way to cover up your ladylumps given, y'know, laws. Enter pasties. Nicki Minaj used black plus signs to finish off her Fifty Shades of Grey Halloween look while a sparkly purple pasty was integral to Miley Cyrus' "Lil Kim circa the 1999 VMAs" costume.

Both ladies been dabbling in the weird and wonderful world of areola-concealing adhesives for a minute now, so celebrating holidays with pasties seems like the natural progression, right? Plus, like, how else was Nicki supposed to execute her super #topical Fifty Shades of Grey costume? Like this guy? Uhh, no. Haven't you been paying attention? She. Doesn't. Wear. Shirts. And they would totally throw off the fit of her studded leather harness (with matching bikini bottoms!).

As far as Miley, her recreation of Lil Kim's now-infamous purple pasty and sequined jumpsuit look was spot-on. Even Kimmy Blanco herself approved! That's high praise. And TBH, we'd venture to say that the one Miles wore yesterday was actually kind of modest. As far as pasties go anyway. *shrugs*

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