Rihanna Or Demi Lovato: Who Did Halloween As A Zombie Best?

Rihanna, Demi Lovato

Rihanna and Demi Lovato are back from the dead.
Photos: @badgalriri Instagram/Getty Images

While a bunch of celebs dressed up for Halloween yesterday during daylight, a few saved it for night, when their costumes would make the biggest impact, creepiness-wise. Rihanna and Demi Lovato are two of said celebs who kept their costumes on the DL until it was dark out and then emerged...as zombies.

Rihanna swapped her "badgal" name for "shygal," her self-described #ZombieChola alter ego. Rih Shy Gal wore a plaid shirt unbuttoned except for one button at the top, some Tommy Hilfiger boxers, and khaki pants. Very '90s L.A. *Californiaaaa knows how to partyyyy* She painted her entire body a pallid blueish tone: she could go as a zombie Smurf tonight, if the paint doesn't come off easily. It looks as though Shy Gal drew on her thin eyebrows/lined her lips/lined her eyes with the same black pencil - multipurpose! She put her hair up in a high ponytail, tied a bandanna at the top and called it a night.

Demi went a gorier route: instead of looking like she'd been buried for years, she went for a freshly-killed look, featuring blood. A lot of blood. She wore a sheer dress and huge black belt, but her clothing takes a major backseat to her amazing makeup. Zombie Demi has severe head and neck wounds, dark, sunken eyes, black lips, and red irises. She took a page from the Ariana Grande book of creepy contacts. She is terrifying.

Both ladies were sure to hold poses pertinent to their new zombie lifestyle: Rih threw up West Side with her newly tattooed hands, while Demi was rigid, held onto some chains that just happened to be around, and stared into our souls. The only question is: who wore her zombie look best?


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