Food Friday: We Want Candy

We want candy.
Photo: Nasty Gal/Shop Jeen/Mr.Gugu & Miss Go/Etsy

Well, that’s it folks. Another 365 days to go before you can dress up in a costume and expect copious amounts of candy to come your way (that is, of course, assuming you don’t celebrate Halloween this weekend). While your IRL, edible candy situation may dwindle, you can deck yourself in candy attire all year ’round to keep the Halloween memory alive until next October. For Food Friday this week, in between handfuls of M&Ms, we scoured the ’net for the best candy clothing, etc. out there and rounded it up here for you.

Nasty Gal X Lazy Oaf Sneaky Candy Crop Top.
Photo: Nasty Gal

This Nasty Gal X Lazy Oaf shirt takes the iconic imagery of candy bars and places them on the hottest item for fall/winter/spring/summer: a crop top. The shirt is on sale for $34.50 right now, so, you better get ordering. You may be sick of candy right now, but in, like, 3 days you’ll wish you had more in your life.

Ring Pop lip gloss.
Photo: Shop Jeen

Ring Pops as candy always leave your hand sticky/drooly, which is why this lip gloss is the perfect solution for when you want a huge candy diamond on your finger, but don’t want to stick to everything you touch. The gloss is Ring Pop flavored and $3, so you’re getting makeup and an accessory for less than a slice of pizza.

Gummi Bear leggings.
Photo: Mr.Gugu & Miss Go

These gummi bear leggings are comfortable and colorful; you can introduce them into your wardrobe as an alternative to black leggings. You don’t see everyone at yoga in these bad boys, but you should.

Skittles sweatshirt.
Photo: Mr.Gugu & Miss Go

Skittles are often overlooked because they’re not chocolate, but this sweatshirt is for those who prefer to taste the rainbow. You like what you like and you don’t need to keep it secret any longer: broadcast it with this sweatshirt.

Chocolate iPhone case.
Photo: Etsy

This chocolate iPhone case will protect your phone and trick people into thinking they’re picking up a big ol’ tasty candy bar when, really, they’re picking up a tiny computer. Sometimes IDK which is better.

Jelly bean socks.
Photo: Shop Jeen

Saying goodbye to Halloween means saying hello to November and, sadly, winter. If you haven’t already, you’ll probably need to introduce socks back into your wardrobe, and what better way than with these jelly bean print socks (they’re only $6!)? They’ll remind you of warm October nights you once thought were so cold while keeping your feet warm under snow boots.

If you haven’t already overdosed on candy, now is your chance! Have a candy-filled weekend, everyone!

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