Ellen DeGeneres Does Nicki Minaj's Shirtless Look For Halloween


Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show's YouTube Page

YAAS, Ellen! YAAS! Man, the Halloween costume competition is getting STIFF this year, you guys. Just when we thought Miley Cyrus as Lil’ Kim couldn’t be beat, Ellen DeGeneres brings THIS noise to the table and we. Are. DYING. *slow claps* I mean, let’s be real: if your name is Ellen and you were thinking about dressing up in a costume this year, you should probably just go ahead and throw in the towel. (JK, Ellens of the world! You're gonna be great!) But seriously, Ellen DeGeneres as Nicki Minaj on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is pretty much the best EVAAAR.


Ellen shows off her "super bass."
Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show's YouTube Page

Earlier this AM, DeGeneres sauntered on stage (with swagger, no less) wearing a blonde wig, a black cardigan, leather jogging pants and a gold chain belt. The cardigan was buttoned only at the top and nary a shirt was seen underneath. Sound familiar? “Nicki [Minaj] was on the show a few weeks ago,” Ellen reminded her audience, "and her shirt was not.” LOL, Ellen. #truth. ICYMI, before going shirtless was a ~trend~, Minaj showed up for an interview with Ellen and confessed her sincere hatred for bras with boobs-a-blazin’ beneath a tiny cardi. Or, as Ellen called them, “boom booms.” Our hero.

"I’ve got the whole look down," she said. "I even have the same shoes on. I think I do. I can’t see my feet, but I assume I do." Close enough. Even Minaj was impressed, tweeting to the 55-year-old talk show host earlier today that she "didn't know Ellen could get any sexier." OW OW! That's high praise.

And in case you were wondering, "they're real," DeGeneres clarified. REAL(LY) AWESOME, that is. But the bigger question is, will anyone be able to outdo Ellen's costume today?



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