Ariana Grande Is A Casual, Yet Terrifying, Vampire For Halloween

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande's 2013 Halloween costume.
Photo: @arianagrande Instagram

After toying with cat ears for the past few weeks, it seems as though Ariana Grande took her Halloween costume in an entirely different direction. Where she ended up, though, is unclear. Ariana posted a picture to her Instagram wearing vampire teeth, fake blood, light contacts, and...a bra and a robe?

Is she a Victoria's Secret vampire? A vampire whose coffin-wear is casual PJs? In the caption of the photo Ariana reveals Halloween is her "favorite holiday bar none," which is clear: there's a lot going on. This costume, while casual, is also terrifying. Like, that's a lot of blood. Those eyes will haunt my dreams forever. They are staring into my soul. I don't know what she's doing with her hand (making a claw?), but that combined with the blood, eyes, and teeth is almost too much. Is she waving? Ahhh, IDK but I'm scurred.

Ariana's also managed to include something ~sexy~ in her costume (BTW, where does one get a rhinestone-encrusted bra?) without letting it overshadow just how creepy the rest of her costume is. In the Halloween store, this would be categorized with the other "Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of" costumes, not "Sexy Vampires/Witches/Ghosts." Considering how much Ariana loves Halloween and how many costumes she's dabbled in so far (remember the chicken suit?), we have a feeling she'll be showing off different looks today. If not, we'll still be terrified of this one for weeks.


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