Got You Covered: DIY Day Of The Dead Halloween Makeup

day of the dead makeup

OMG, dead. I am.
Photo: Bobby Grasberger

OK, it's getting down to the wire. If you don't have your Halloween costume figured out by now, you're going to need something that's a.) requires little to no assembly, and b.) you can pick up at three or fewer places. What's a good way to get that done without thumbing through whatever's leftover in your local Halloween shop? A Day of the Dead costume! It's an All Hallows' Eve staple, but the best thing about it is the fact that your makeup does all the work. As far as garments go, a lot of black and lace will suffice plus a few flowers here and there and in your hair. It's the intricate, colorful sugar skull look that'll seal the deal. Even better? You can get all the products you need at your nearest drug store in the COVERGIRL aisle.

1.) Cover your face (including your lips!) in a thick coat of the Clean Whipped Creme Foundation in the lightest color available. Because you're a skull. We used Ivory 305.

2.) Finish your base off with a bit of Naturally Luminous Loose Powder, also in the lightest color. Skulls don't really have pores, so you'll want to keep your look as matte as possible.

3.) With the Brow And Eye Makers Pencil in Midnight Black, lightly draw circles around your eyes to mark out the eye sockets of the skull. Use your eyebrows to guide the size and follow that arch in a full 360 degrees. Use the same pencil to draw a vaguely triangular shape on your nose for the ~nasal cavity~. #science

4.) Go over those lines with the Ink It! By Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in Midnight Black to ensure they stay put. They're the foundation for your whole look! Also use the Ink It! eyeliner to draw short straight lines along your lips to mimic the teeth of a skull, starting in the middle and working your way out just past the corners of your mouth. You also want to draw a line following the angle of your cheekbones which connects your ears to your mouth to create the illusion of a separate your lower jaw (a.k.a. your mandible #morescience).

zombie makeup

Embrace those dark under-eye circles!
Photo: Bobby Grasberger

5.) Fill the eye sockets and nasal cavity with COVERGIRL Queen Collection Eye Shadow in Black Tie.

6.) Now come the colors! No two sugar skulls are alike, so you definitely don't need to copy our decorations exactly, but feel free to use them as a model! We used Liquilineblast Eyeliner Pencil in Green Glow and Blue Boom, and for the red, we actually used Lip Perfection Lip Liner in Passion 215.

7.) To get extra skeletal with your look, use the Brow And Eye Makers Pencil to sketch out bones on your neck and chest. Leave the bones the color of your skin and use fill in what would be empty space with your black COVERGIRL Queen Collection Eye Shadow.

8.) Put on anything in your closet that is black and/or lacy, throw some flowers in your hair, maybe even spring for a braid if you have a little extra time, and voilà! You're Halloween-ready!

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