You Can Buy Harry Styles' Unwashed Shirt

Harry Styles

Harry Styles at the Burberry Prorsum SS14 show during London Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Yeah, Directioners, you read that headline correctly: you can buy Harry Styles' unwashed shirt. You can buy it, but I really want it, so please don't. Just kidding, you can do whatever you want, buuuut it'd be really nice if you gave it to me. This isn't any old t-shirt, BTW, it's Burberry.

That's right, Harry has decided to part with a Burberry Prorsum shirt that has touched his back. No, it's not the navy heart-print one he wore to his birthday last year. Nope, not the same one he wore in black to the This Is Us premiere. Yeah, he does own a lot of Burberry shirts, but those heart ones are obviously his fave. He can't give those up yet.

But the shirt that IS being auctioned off—you know the one—is leopard-print, and he wore it to the Burberry Prorsum SS14 show during London Fashion Week. It was worn with his preferred ripped-knee jeans: there's no way those (though also unwashed) are never leaving his closet. But, yeah, this shirt touched those jeans and it, like Harry, had such a good time at Fashion Week. So many LOLz and so many fond memories can now be yours in the form of an unwashed shirt. If you bury your face in the shirt, you'll know what Harry smells like. Dreams do come true, fellow Directioners!

The shirt itself retails for $295, so add the Styles sweat and scent factors and you're looking at a pretty expensive leopard-print t-shirt. The best part (besides holding Harry's shirt in your hands) is that it's for charity: the auction take place on November 13th and the proceeds will go to UNICEF. You can check out for all the other items being auctioned off, but, LBR, nothing can top an unwashed shirt that has touched Harry's copious tattoo collection.

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