Katy Perry Or Ariana Grande: Who Wore Cat Ears Best?

Katy Perry, Ariana Grande

Katy Perry and Ariana Grande in cat ears.
Photo: Getty Images/@arianagrande Instagram

Uh oh, Katycats and Arianators: there's a battle being waged between your two faves for best cat lady! It's no secret that Katy Perry is a huge feline fan (I mean, her fans are named Katycats for a reason), but Ariana Grande has been slowly gaining ground in cat lady land, wearing not one, not two, but three different outfits that she accessorized with cat ears.

Katy arrived in Tokyo wearing her fave print as of late, daisies, a leather jacket, Ray-Bans, and, of course, cat ears. Katy's tiger-striped ears make sense for a number of reasons: 1. she's Mom Cat, 2. the "Roar" video and her performances recently have involved a lot of animal print, 3. she's in Japan and it's OFFICIALLY HALLOWEEN THERE, Y'ALL. Her ears also say "Katy" across them, just in case, y'know, you saw a picture of her and didn't know who she was. It's a gentle reminder so you don't embarrass yourself in front of your friends.

Ariana got #meta with her look, pairing the ears with a cat shirt. It's as if Ariana realized the the white cat on her Prince Peter Collection t-shirt wasn't giving off enough cat vibes: she needed to accessorize. Ah, luckily cat ear headbands exist. She could wear this entire look for Halloween and be a self-aware cat, or ditch the shirt, slap on some whiskers and go as a real, unaware cat that, like, jumps on its own shadow. Just a few Halloween suggestions from us to you, Ariana!

So, Katycats, Arianators, who do you think wore cat ears better? Do you like Katy's subtle inclusion in an entirely-black outfit, or do you prefer Ariana's cat-on-cat look?

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