Miley Cyrus Has Long Hair Again (Sort Of)


Is Hannah Montana due for a comeback?
Photo:@mileycyrus' Twitter

Could it be?! Will Miley Cyrus resurrect Hannah Montana this weekend for Halloween?! She's yet to wear a costume this year (that astronaut suit from the "Real And True" music video doesn't count), and by the looks of some recent photos the singer posted on Twitter of her trying on long, flowing hair, we’re thinking the answer is a solid maybe. The first brown wig posted is awfully reminiscent of her Disney alter-ego's dirty blonde locks—though, she'd need to add some heavy bangs to get it exactly right. But if she's going for impact, a throwback ode to her former tween self would certainly be a shock. WAY more shocking than any costume she could ever come up with that's devoid of clothing. (Been there, seen that.)


Pretty in purple.
Photo: @mileycyrus' Twitter

HOWEVER, there's also this purple wig, which is decidedly not very Hannah Montana. It is, though, TOTALLY Katy Perry circa "California Gurls" with a cupcake bra. Innnteresting. If everyone and their mother can be Miley Cyrus for Halloween, who's to say that Miley Cyrus can't dress up as another pop star herself?! I mean, she's done it before. Remember her Nicki Minaj costume last Halloween? Or maybe's she's just missing her long hair again and considering extensions?! AHH! SO MANY QUESTIONS. One thing's for sure: it's been a minute since we've seen the singer with this much of a mane, but we're definitely digging the way she looks with longer locks, be it dirty blonde, purple, or something in between.

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