Lady Gaga Recycled An Outfit


Lady Gaga arrives at 'The Graham Norton Show.'
Photo: Splash News

*GASP!* It's true, Little Monsters. Lady Gaga recycles outfits from her wardrobe, too! OK, maybe not the muppet moo moos or the toliet paper gowns or the tulle see-through fairy dresses of her wardrobe (not yet, at least—because TBH, they just wouldn't be quite as mind-blowing the second time around), but a hat and some shoes here and there? It's actually pretty refreshing, IMHO.

Yesterday, Gagaloo was snapped in London on her way into The Graham Norton Show, and we were like, WHOA! Gaga looks ... NORMAL! (By Gaga standards, anyway.) Mother Monster went pantless in a weather-appropriate flannel shirt, tucked her dark, OMG ~natural~ strands up into a hat and wore (duh) ginormous platformed, patent leather, lace-up, stiletto boots. (Like we said, this is "normal" by Gaga standards.) Now, where did we last see this look again?


3 weeks ago: the first DOPE x plaid shirt sighting.
Photo: @ladygaga's Instagram

AH HA! Here we are. Gaga posted this photo on Instagram several weeks ago in conjunction with the confirmation of "DOPE," otherwise known as Track #13 on ARTPOP. She coordinated the release of this information by wearing an epinonimous hat—the very same chapeau she wore on her way into Graham Norton. You can just call us Sherlock Holmes from now on, BTW. Both times, Gagaloo chose to pair her new favorite snapback with flannel shirts buttoned up to the tippy top, although we have no idea whether or not she was wearing pants in the original photo.

And while we can't be 100% sure, we think those 100-inch 9-inch lace-up stiletto boots are the same ones she wore *twice* during New York Fashion Week, seen here. If that is the case, then WOW, she must REALLY love those things because they look, um, less than comfortable. Pain is beauty? Regardless, we're pretty pumped to see that even Lady Gaga reworks her wardrobe. Stars! They're just sort of like us!

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