Is This Drake’s Calvin Klein Canadian Tuxedo?

Drake performs in Calvin Klein in Brooklyn, NY.
Photo: Getty Images

Well, that was fast. Less than a week after Calvin Klein announced their plan to create bespoke performance outfits for Drake’s Would You Like A Tour? tour, the Canadian rapper debuted a look we’re betting is from the collection while on stage last night in Brooklyn. Following opening sets from PartyNextDoor, Future and Miguel, Drizzy performed to a sold-out crowd at the Barclays Center—and lo and behold, as previously promised by the CK-designed collection his wardrobe now includes a Canadian tuxedo. A glorious, 3-piece Canadian tuxedo at that.

Drake performs at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.
Photo: Getty Images

The sky-blue denim appeared freshly cut into three separates: a plain, crew-neck shirt (that kind of looks like the top of doctors’ scrubs), a hooded jacket and full-length cargo pants. The jacket buttons up, much like a blouse, but we know it’s a jacket because of the hood. Unless it’s a hooded blouse, in which case, #innovation. TBH, it’s a little reminiscent of a rain parka, amirite? Although, we’d venture a guess that it’s not ~exactly~ water-resistant. *shudders at the thought of heavy, wet denim*

Drake’s pants were hemmed to a tee, barely skimming the tops of his stark-white tennis shoes, but we can’t help but wonder: what could he possibly be carrying in all of those cargo pockets?! (There are at least four, if not more.) A cell phone? Floss? Photos of his girlfriends (us)? Snacks? The world may never know, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out anyway.

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