Kanye West Designed Sneakers For Giuseppe Zanotti And Balmain And More Fashion Easter Eggs From His 97.1 AMP Radio Interview

Kanye West drops by 97.1 AMP for an interview.
Photo: 97.1 AMP Radio

You can pretty much call it a universal truth now: any time you give Kanye West a microphone, you’re guaranteed to get at least one quote that will spark up further conversation (more like ten quotes that instigate a chorus of psychoanalytical think-pieces, but when it comes to numbers, we like to keep things conservative around here). Or in his own words, “every time I talk, there’s a crack in the matrix.” Such was the case when Yeezy stopped by L.A.’s 97.1 AMP to chat about his Yeezus tour merch, his recent engagement to Kim Kardashian, and, as always, beauty, truth, and awesomeness. We’ve pulled out our favorite Easter eggs from his interview (previously unconfirmed designs!!!!!!) and are adding a little bit of context for the uninitiated in the wonderful world of Kanye West fashion.

THE FUTURE OF PEE WEE SOCCER: Speaking to his future with Kim and baby Nori, Kanye reveals that he’s down to be a soccer dad: “I’m gonna be a soccer coach.” But certainly not a conventional one: “I’m definitely gonna design the uniforms.”

FALL INTO THE GAP: In case you missed it, Kanye had originally hoped to license out his Yeezus merch to Gap, but because of “politics,” he teamed up with PacSun instead. “What would happen if I was able to design a collection and was backed by The Gap?” Kanye asks. “It would be awesome, right?”

STATE OF THE UNION: According to Kanye, “No one is looking at what Obama is wearing.” Umm HAI. *points wildly over here*

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