Ciara Shows Off Her Engagement Ring


Ciara and her 15-carat stunner.
Photo: Getty Images

Dudes of the world, the ante has officially been upped. Over the weekend, Ciara got the Kim Kardashian treatment when her rapper-producer boyfriend, Future, proposed on the same day as her 28th birthday celebration. (She said yes!) And, if the engagement ring is any indication, the couple's future together will be really, really, REALLY bright. Ciara showed off the 15-carat Avianne & Co. rock at a Moët & Chandon event in Houston last night (also in celebration of her birthday), where her dramatic, high-slit Alon Livne gown took a serious back seat to the stunning bling on her left hand.


Ciara in a semi-sheer Alon Livne dress.
Photo: Getty Images

According to a rep from the high-end celebrity jewelers, this ring was far from a spur-of-the-moment purchase for Future, who's only been dating the "Overdose" singer since January (publicly, anyway). “The ring is a very intricate design which took longer to actually design than it did to produce,” they told People. “We went through several molds and concept molds before landing on the proper design, which allowed for maximum shine and stability in the diamonds. This vision of blending ring styles together allowed for a very unique ring.” Nice work, Future. We approve.

So, what does a unique ring like this cost, you wonder? Oh, you know, somewhere around half a milli. NBD. He didn't just put a ring on it, he put a RING on it. BTW, Ciara and Kimmy K are friends IRL, so you know they’re totally trading “TWINSIES!” texts right now. Congrats to the newly engaged couple(s)!

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