Ariana Grande Goes Glam In A Gown For The ‘Right There’ Video

A still from Ariana Grande’s ’Right There’ music video.
Photo: @arianagrande Instagram

Ariana Grande has been giving her Arianators an in-depth look behind-the-scenes of her “Right There” video for over a month. She’s revealed what she’ll wear (a pink corset dress with a hoop skirt), what she’ll hold (a pink lace fan), as well as what her co-star, Big Sean, will wear (pants with leather knees and zippers). It was only through the preview, though, that we got an accurate sense of just how glamorous and elaborate the video is going to be.

Ariana Grandes debuts her ’Right There’ gown via selfie.
Photo: @arianagrande Instagram

In the spirit of Halloween (the video comes out on October 30th), the video takes place at a masquerade ball. The clip features Ariana in the pink gown, fluttering her fan, surrounded by ball attendees. The men are in a red, black, and white color palette, while the ladies are dressed in metallic dresses. Everyone seems to be dancing by fanning themselves, so the party is both fun and environmentally-friendly.

The invitation must’ve specified that only men wear masks: while the women in front have facial decorations, none of the female attendees, including Ariana, are wearing masks. Ariana, we saw you in a chicken mask and you, as usual, looked QT; you could’ve pulled it off with your gown. I mean, you def would’ve stuck out in the sea of dainty, masquerade masks with that bad boy. There’s always next year’s ball!

The clip ends with the fans closing abruptly, so we have a feeling Ariana may move, despite the weight of that dress. Only 2 days until we get to see the entire thing — watch the clip below for a taste of what to expect!

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