Lady Gaga Experiences A White-Out In London

Lady Gaga steps out in London.
Photo: Getty Images

Welp, it looks like Lady Gaga is officially infected, you guys. Remember that pale powder rash she had on her legs in Berlin? Now it’s spread to her face and appears to have taken a serious turn for Kabuki. Either that, or we should all be really concerned about her lack of melatonin intake. She has been working awfully hard lately, running around the world in support of ARTPOP/carrying large blocks of fur on her shoulders/traipsing through Europe barefoot. Or maybe this is just her ~actual~ Halloween costume? Tons of celebs dressed up this weekend and this could totally be Gagaloo’s DIY-version of like, the White Queen or something. Although, does Halloween really even exist in the weird world of Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga in London.
Photo: Getty Images

One thing’s for sure: This look is very ARTPOP in that we can’t make any sense of it at all. Up top, she’s like a corn husk Medusa who has somehow turned her OWN forehead into stone. Yikes! We hope that’s not permanent. But then from the neck-down, she’s got the vibe of a mummified bride, solemn and unraveling in the wind. #dramatic Regardless of the real reason behind this spooky outfit, we hope she checked the weather. After all, London is notoriously rainy, and that dress barely appears to have the thickness of a single roll of Charmin.

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