Food Friday: Crazy For Birthday Cake


We simultaneously want to eat/wear/use all of this cake apparel.
Photos: Etsy/Opening Ceremony/Fred Flare/Demeter Fragrance/Society6/Beloved Clothing

As KatyCats around the world know, today is Katy Perry's 29th birthday! HBD, KP! We hope wherever you go your song "Birthday" is playing, welcoming you into the room. It's not every year your album featuring a song about birthdays coincides with your actual birthday. Embrace, Katy. It's your day. To celebrate Katy's birthday in the best way we know how, we figured we'd dedicate this installment of our weekly Food Friday posts to KP, her birthday, and cake. We searched the 'net for the best cake clothing and accessories out there and rounded them up for your viewing pleasure.


Birthday Cake fragrance by Demeter.
Photos: Demeter Fragrance

Who wouldn't like someone who smells like birthday cake? No one, that's who. Spritz yourself with some Birthday Cake fragrance from Demeter, and you'll be a walking/living/breathing reminder to people that they need a slice of the good stuff, like now, even if it's no one's birthday.


Birthday Cake ring from Etsy.
Photo: FatallyFeminine on Etsy

This cake ring may not be a ring you wear every day, but I can think of one day it's perfect for: YA BIRTHDAY! 1. It's a perfect replica of a real cake, but small, and 2. it's sooo much subtler than wearing one of those pins or sashes that birthday ladies sometimes dabble in.


Birthday Cake leggings from Beloved.
Photo: Beloved Clothing

These rainbow cake leggings speak for themselves because the only thing better than cake is an elaborate layered cake. Layers = more frosting. DONE.


Strawberry Shortcake sweatshirt from Opening Ceremony.
Photo: Opening Ceremony

This strawberry shortcake sweatshirt from Opening Ceremony looks extremely appetizing, as well as warm. That's a hard combo to come by, and it needs to be embraced when it's found. Sometimes on your birthday you want straight-up cake, like with frosting and sprinkles, but sometimes, you want to indulge in something not as sweet and with fruit because #HEALTH. Strawberry shortcake will provide what you seek.


Layered cake phone case from Society6.
Photo: Society6

The easiest way to let people know what you're 100% about is via an item you have with you 24/7: your phone. This layered cake is not as bright as the cake on the leggings above, but it is still cake and, therefore, good/life-altering/the best dessert in the world/etc.


Cake pouch from Fred Flare.
Photo: Fred Flare

You can keep all your cake money in this cake slice pouch from Fred Flare. PRO TIP: on your birthday, glue a candle to to the pouch and voilà a perfect bday bag.

Enjoy the weekend, y'all! Celebrate with cake for Katy (and us)!

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